Vortech Kompressorsats Dodge 5,7 HEMI 2005-10 Krom

Vortech Kompressorsats Dodge 5,7 HEMI 2005-10 Krom
Tillverkare: Vortech Superchargers
Art.nr: VOR4CL218-018L
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Få ut minst 100HP mer ur din HEMI med en Vortech kompressorsats. Denn kommer helt komplett med allt som behövs inklusive programvara som du laddar upp med den medföljande handdatorn

432HP Complete Systems Complete, fully calibrated, smog legal supercharging systems are available for the 2005-2010 Chrysler 5.7L Hemi vehicles.

Featuring the V-3 Si centrifugal supercharger with Vortech's air-to-water double pass charge cooler system. 

The complete system will boost your stock Dodge Magnum, Charger or Challenger to an impressive 432 horsepower and huge 471 lb/ft of torque. 

The system uses Vortech's V-3 Si supercharger. Continued development in Vortech's Lab has resulted in the V-3 Si. The "i" stands for improved and with its new patented oil control system and state of the art centrifugal compressor stage this V-3 literally blows away the competition. Industry leading 78% adiabatic efficiency [SAE J1723 standard] means less heat is being generated, drive power is reduced and more net power is produced. Less heat also means better durability. 

Vortech supercharger systems are a great value. Dollar for dollar, Vortech systems deliver more horsepower than virtually any other method of upgrade. Also, driven normally, gas mileage often increases rather than decrease. 

Quality Features New Vortech V-3 Si gear driven centrifugal supercharger features an internal lubrication reservoir that does not require a connection between the engine oil pan and the compressor gear case... no oil line. The V-3 includes remote fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle Technologically advanced, high-efficiency impeller and housing design developed in our SAE J1723 compliant supercharger test cell. 

Centrifugal superchargers easily make more pressure and flow than a roots type blower and are much more efficient. Fuel management upgrade includes high-flow fuel injectors, 2 bar Map sensor and DiabloSport™  hand-held programmer which controls ignition timing and fuel enrichment Integrated dual-pass air/water charge cooler configuration features a closed loop water cooling system with a stand-alone pump, tank and front mounted heat exchanger High-flow bypass valve provides for surge-free compressor operation Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps Billet aluminum mounting bracketry for "factory installed" appearance and rigidity Complete bolt-on system including all necessary belts, pulleys and reusable high-flow air filter

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